Independent Operator Business Permits for any driver that wants to obtain one.
Via litigation and lobby representation abolish any State Action Immunity Laws which do not support the goals of the private membership of ridehailalliance.org

Uber, Lyft, and the Taxi Cartels have built their business model on the belief over 1 million taxi, rideshare, limo, and delivery drivers nationwide lack the capacity to organize. For less than 1 cent a day we can change that narrative. It's time to fight harder and smarter. Labor goes on strike and stages protests. Independent Small Business Operators organize, hire legal and lobby representation, obtain the best deal from a single dispatch platform, create a massive group car insurance policy, and more. On the same page, for less than a penny a day, the sky is the limit. ridehailalliance.org- like many groups-has been working on the Federal State and Local level on behalf of the Driver Services Industry for over 4 years:

It's time to Organize Here.
I agree ridehailalliance.org and it's administrators do not express or imply the success of any litigation or lobby efforts on behalf of independent small business operators in the Driver Services Industry. I understand the size and scope of litigation and lobby efforts are contingent on the participation of the collective Driver Services Industry via paid memberships. I agree and understand in any/all filed lawsuit(s) that may benefit the Driver Services Industry nationwide, only paid subscription members will share equally in any financial judgements awarded to ridehailalliance.org. I agree and understand I may maintain my privacy but as a paid member of record I am entitled to an equal share of any financial judgements that result from litigation filings by ridehailalliance.org. I agree and understand it is my responsibility to provide valid email, address , and phone number to facilitate equal distribution of any financial settlements awarded to ridehailalliance.org on behalf of its paid members. I agree and understand that I will not take any legal or arbitration action against ridehailalliance.org or its administrators and that my family members may not take any legal or arbitration action against ridehailalliance.org or its administrators on my behalf as this will divert finances, focus, and energy away from our primary purpose supporting the goals of the collective Drivers Services Industry. I understand the privacy of the individual rideshare, taxi, and delivery operator members of ridehailalliance.org is imperative to protect and is also proprietary information-I agree to take no action legal or otherwise to break any/all members anonymity. I understand and agree these terms of service may be changed at anytime without notice. I agree and understand my subscription membership fees are non refundable.