This is an attempt for independent small business owners and operators of an available for hire passenger vehicle to collectively fight smarter, not harder, for less than a penny a day.
  • Retain paid legal representation for the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY
  • Hire a high power lobby firm(s) to represent the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY on the Federal State and Local level
  • Identify and challenge via lobby and litigation regulatory and legislative issues and entities that have an adverse and antagonistic relationship to the goals of our Driver Services Industry
  • Full repeal of local permit, license, and insurance oversight regulations on the local level for independent small business DRIVER SERVICES operators
  • Creation and adoption of a national state or local regulatory framework to conduct background checks for Independent Small Business Driver Services Operators that want to obtain this type of vetting to facilitate building a personal client base and/or partnering with any and all taxi tnc and limo/sedan dispatch apps
  • Send out a request to all dispatch app taxi tnc and limo/sedan platforms currently operating in the United States or in other countries via retained legal council and lobby firm to submit bids to contract for our collective Driver Services Industry support and participation with their platform. Platforms that may submit bids including but not limited to Uber Lyft Curb Juno Ola and Didi will be asked to focus on Commission caps, floor rates, minimum per mile and per minute algorithms, transparency in pick up and drop off locations, functional driver rating systems, protocol for a timely reinstatement to a platform after suspension, and lack of arbitration clauses when submitting a bid.
  • Targeted litigation against any and all regulators and stakeholders, including the Personal Auto Insurance Industry, that conspired against our Driver Services Industry in violation of the Sherman Act and State Action Immunity
You can independence, and seat at the Stakeholders table.

The current state of the 100s of 1000s of independent small business operators who transport people and goods for "profit" -- collectively branded the Driver Services Industry by the Federal Trade Commission-- is succinctly captured below in the following excerpts from The Ridshare Guy Blog 10/13/2018

"Uber is losing money and drivers are striking because they're barely making minimum wage. Nobody is happy in this picture, except the early investors and employees that cashed out their investment in the Softbank deal."

"The situation is getting worse, not better, as regulators sink their teeth into the ridesharing giants, as drivers get organized, and as the limitations of self driving cars become more apparent with each iterative step. I'm not sure this industry is going to have a happy ending... either for the companies or the drivers."

"As ride-sharing vehicles have upended the taxi market in New York, taxi drivers have been hit with increasing debt despite working longer shifts, leading to incredible stress and depression for some. But those financial hardships are not limited to cabdrivers. Uber and other ride-hail drivers have also complained about low pay and unending competition as more people sign up to drive..."

"My Take: The words that ring out to me in this article are "PRISON of of POVERTY" because that's exactly what it is. Drivers, whether they be cab drivers or rideshare drivers, are on a treadmill, driving beyond the limits of their endurance attempting to keep the numbers working in their life - "the rent payments, the car payments, food, car repairs etc".

"The hollow statements from Uber's marketing department don't do much good to alleviate the situation. It's the gross disparities of wealth that are so stark. It doesn't help that many passengers treat drivers like second class citizens. I don't know where the solution is here, but I do know that this situation is unsustainable - for drivers - and for the companies they work for.