Drivers United

Join's global Driver Services Industry empowerment initiative. We will be seeking offers from Uber, Ola, Didi, Curb, Via, Gett, Lyft, etc to bid on exclusive partnerships with taxi, rideshare, and chauffeur members of Quality of a competitive bidding process in your country will depend on the percentage of DRIVERS in your market that opt to unite via The best offer for commission caps, floor rates, and other terms in driver contracts including pick up and destination transparency will be achieved in the markets where a majority of DRIVERS are united. Until today any attempts at negotiating fare prices and commission caps has been from a labor standpoint with accusations of attempted price fixing. With the initiative app dispatch platforms will have the opportunity to compete for our services in a free market setting. The race to the bottom, driver exploitation, predatory price fixing, and predatory price dumping ends when we unite on the platform. What we offer is the dawn of a new price war- app dispatch platforms competing against each other to secure exclusive support of the Driver Services Industry- globally. Please join us. This is going to get interesting.
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