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Unite here! The time for Ride Hail Alliance is now. The current state of the 100s of 1000s of independent small business operators who transport people and goods for "profit" -- collectively branded the Driver Services Industry by the Federal Trade Commission-- is succinctly captured below in the following excerpts from The Ridshare Guy Blog 10/13/2018

"Uber is losing money and drivers are striking because they're barely making minimum wage. Nobody is happy in this picture, except the early investors and employees that cashed out their investment in the Softbank deal."

"The situation is getting worse, not better, as regulators sink their teeth into the ridesharing giants, as drivers get organized, and as the limitations of self driving cars become more apparent with each iterative step. I'm not sure this industry is going to have a happy ending... either for the companies or the drivers."

"As ride-sharing vehicles have upended the taxi market in New York, taxi drivers have been hit with increasing debt despite working longer shifts, leading to incredible stress and depression for some. But those financial hardships are not limited to cabdrivers. Uber and other ride-hail drivers have also complained about low pay and unending competition as more people sign up to drive..."

"My Take: The words that ring out to me in this article are "PRISON of of POVERTY" because that's exactly what it is. Drivers, whether they be cab drivers or rideshare drivers, are on a treadmill, driving beyond the limits of their endurance attempting to keep the numbers working in their life - "the rent payments, the car payments, food, car repairs etc".

"The hollow statements from Uber's marketing department don't do much good to alleviate the situation. It's the gross disparities of wealth that are so stark. It doesn't help that many passengers treat drivers like second class citizens. I don't know where the solution is here, but I do know that this situation is unsustainable - for drivers - and for the companies they work for."

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The necessity to centralize our collective independent small business operator's resources to demand our seat as a Major Stakeholder in Transportation Industry Regulation and Legislation is made abundantly clear in the BRIEF FOR THE UNITED STATES (Department of Justice) AND THE FEDERAL. Read More

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